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Welcome to the Storyland; a unique  immersive play space filled with curiosity, creativity and adventure, a place where cardboard boxes can turn into castles and teddy bears can request honey for their tea.


A place where trolls eat jam sandwiches and mermaids swim in the sea. A place where anything is possible, and everyone can play. A space where children and their imagination can roam free.

In the Playground

This unique and evolving play scape is the first children’s story land in Ireland and was designed to ensure that children of all ability can play together. Our dedicated play team plan and create original innovative concepts and exhibits to encourage each child to use their imagination and to explore, investigate and experience the joy of playing in a magical way.


The storyland is fully accessible with several interactive exhibits designed to enhance a child’s creative play experience. The space has many sensory elements making it very popular with children with autism or sensory needs.

Our play and arts therapist are on site and one to one sessions can be requested for children with complex disabilities or special educations need or just a child who needs a a little extra support.

We also hold weekly sessions for children with special needs and their grown-ups.


The storyland is open to the public (seasonal hours may apply) and is available for school/ groups bookings.


Quite times are also available.

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