Schools Programme

The Imaginarium Arts Centre goes beyond the conventional environment of learning by inspiring children to imagine, create, explore and engage in our creative arts environment. Our programmes, events and exhibits are designed to spark the imagination and give a child the freedom and space to explore their own creative potential, build their confidence and self esteem.  With every visit children create unique arts based projects and experiences that reflect and celebrate their creativity.

Age Range: 

Pre-school to Key stage 3 (In keeping with national curriculum)



2 hours



£6 per child (teachers go free)


We have a fully stocked café and lunch can be provided at an extra cost.

Art Workshop

Our skilled artists will guide the class to think outside the box, to use their imagination to create individual pieces of art. (All the necessary materials provided)


The Imaginarium!

The Imaginarium is a very special emporium where children let their imagination go wild! Open the secret door and step in the magical world of the Imaginarium, a world of exploration and play! The Imaginarium is a world like no other! Hide in the secret tunnel, jump over the bridge, visit the village in the forest, dress up as a pirate or a dinosaur, sail through the river, make a wish in the well, take the helm and fly to the moon… everything is possible!​

Teachers/ teaching assistants are required to participate in all activities and are responsible for the children within your group. The Imaginarium staff cannot at any time be held responsible for any school or group visiting.



0 -10 children/adults: £20.00

10 - 20 children/adults: £40.00

20 - 30 children/adults: £60.00

30+ children/adults: £80.00  

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 Special Needs:

Please advise any special physical, mental or emotional needs of your group when making the booking. The Imaginaruim arts centre is fully accessible for children in wheelchairs.

Important Notice:

To confirm a booking, a deposit must be paid. Your deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your booking. If you cancel 7 days or more before the date you booked, your deposit will be fully refunded. If you cancel between 48 hours and 7 days before the date you booked, we will refund 50% of your deposit. For any cancellation 48 hours or less before the date you booked, your deposit will not be refunded.

Your booking is only confirmed once we have received your deposit and have emailed you a booking confirmation. If you do not receive a booking confirmation within 48 hours of sending us you booking, please contact us as this means we have not received and confirmed your booking.

The Small But Important Print:

Clothing: We recommend that participants (both adults and children) attending a workshop or a hands-on session wear either old clothes or aprons (paint and glue are often involved).

Lunches and snacks: There is a cafe at the Imaginarium serving light snacks, coffees and refreshments. Children on a school or nursery booking are welcome to bring their lunch/snack boxes. Staff at the Imaginarium will place the lunch/snack boxes in a secure place, however the area is not refrigerated and we are not able, at this stage, to offer a refrigerated area.

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